Mandatory Training for All Adult Leaders

All registered adult leaders must complete these three items.  Bring the completed application and the proof of completion of each training to the next pack committee meeting.

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Den Meeting Outline

  • Arrival Activity
    Have a simple activity ready that scouts have something to do while waiting for others: tie knots, play jenga, fold origami, set up for the activity, etc…
  • Opening Ceremony
    At scheduled starting time, open with a simple flag ceremony and recite the Pledge, Cub Scout Promise, and/or Law of the Pack.
  • Update Advancement Poster
    Scouts bring their books and show the den leader what they did at home.  Den Leader ceremoniously updates the big advancement poster with everyone watching.
  • Main Activity
    Pick one fun group activity from the Tiger/Wolf/Bear/Webelos book to complete (or start) all together.
  • Game
    If possible, play an active outdoor game: kickball, soccer, hide and seek, sharks and minnows, relay race, see here for more ideas.
  • Closing
    Ask the scouts to complete one or more requirements at home in the next month, have them circle it in the book.  End the meeting clearly with something distinctive: salute the flag, give a den cheer, say “do your best”, etc…

Pack Meeting Outline

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Pledge, Cub Scout Promise, and/or Law of the Pack.
  3. Den Leaders Award Badges
  4. Song, Cheer, or Joke
  5. Main Activity
  6. Game (if time left over)
  7. Cubmaster’s Minute
  8. Announce Next Month’s Outing
  9. Closing Ceremony