Pack 10 Welcomes Girls and Boys

Dear Pack 10 Families –

We would like to announce that Cub Scout Pack 10 will welcome both boys and girls in grades K-5 as uniformed members, starting in the fall of 2018. We are following the lead of the national BSA scouting organization, which is opening all of its programs to girls and boys. Pack 10 has always encouraged the whole family to participate, so this will not be a large change in how we currently operate.

How will den meetings work?
– Each den (small group) will be either an all-boy den or an all-girl den, so that boys and girls can have their own space and activities.

How will pack meetings work?
– Pack meetings and outings will involve all dens, both boys and girls, along with their den leaders and parents.

How will camping and overnight outings work?
– Camping and other overnight outings will continue to be organized
around families. When camping, youth will share a tent with their own parents and siblings, as we have always done.

How does this affect youth protection?
– The same basic policies continue to apply: Each scout activity must include two registered leaders, or one registered leader plus a parent. All registered leaders undergo training and background checks from both BSA and SPX. All parents are welcome and encouraged to participate or observe scouting activities.

How was this decision reached?
– We reached this decision after extensive discussion with Fr. Bill and the parish leadership after collecting perspectives from pack families, den leaders, and pack committee members.

Who can I contact with more questions?
– Contact Douglas Thain ( or Chip Mitros
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Air Zoo Overnight

Pack 10 scouts and their families had a blast staying overnight at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo!  After spending the evening touring the museum, we slept under the wing of an SR-71 Blackbird!  In the morning, we launched our model rockets — check out the slo-mo video of the rocket launch.  Please thank Chip Mitros for organizing this memorable outing.

Air Zoo overnight

Scouting for Food 2018

On March 10th, scouting groups around the country collected food for the hungry.  Pack 10 scouts collected 229 items donated to the St Vincent de Paul food pantry at St Pius church, which supports families in our need in Granger.IMG_0273



Pinewood Derby 2018

The 2018 Pinewood Derby will be back at St Pius X Catholic Church in the auxiliary gym on Saturday, March 3rd starting at 11:00AM.

Doors open at 11:00AM for racers to sign in, make last minute adjustments, and weigh in. Opening ceremonies will be at 11:30AM, with racing to begin shortly afterward.  Each den will race against each other (Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, then Webelos).  Awards will be given for den and pack winners, and also for cars with the best designs.   Siblings are invited to build their own cars and race in the final heat.  Hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be available for sale throughout the races.  Closing ceremonies and awards about 2:30.

This year, we will have a new aluminum track with four lanes and an electronic timing system!  We hope this will allow each scout to have more races with less setup time.

We ask one parent from every family to help out with the derby in some way.   No special training is required, and each group will be led by a parent who has done it before.  Please sign up to help out here:

2018 Pinewood Derby Rules

The goal of the Pinewood Derby is for scouts to have fun building a car while learning how to use basic tools under appropriate adult supervision.  Each scout should enter a car that they have constructed for this year’s race.  To ensure that race day is as fair as possible, all cars must obey the following rules:

  • The car may not weigh more than 5 ounces.
  • The car body must be 2.75 inches wide and 7 inches long.
  • BSA brand wheels and axles must be used.  Only dry powder lubrication may be used.
  • The wheels and axles must be mounted in the standard pre-cut grooves, which are 4 and 3/8 inches apart.
  • Bottom clearance under the car must be 3/8 inch.

(Note that any BSA branded car kit already has the proper dimensions and wheels, so it is easy to follow the rules if you simply use the kit in the obvious way.)

All cars must be presented to the weigh-in judge for weighing before racing begins.  If a car does not meet the rules, the scout may modify the car and try again at any point before his den begins racing.  If a car breaks during a race (e.g. a wheel falls off) the owner will be given five minutes to repair the car, and the race attempted again.

The decisions of the judge are final, and all scouts and parents are reminded that the judge is a friendly volunteer whose goal is fun and fairness to all.


Pinewood Derby for Beginners

Save the date for Pinewood Derby on Saturday, March 3rd at 11:30AM in the St Pius X gym!

If you are new to the Pinewood Derby, here is how it works:  Scouts build, paint, and decorate a simple wood car kit at home.  Just building the car is the main point, and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy working with your son on a project.  Help your son to pick appropriate tools and materials, but let him do as much as possible.

At the derby, the whole pack gathers together to race.  We have a long sloped track, and cars roll down the track by gravity.   Every car races at least twice, and the winners move on to a final heat. Awards are given for the den and overall winners, and also for the most creative, the most realistic, the best paint job, and so on.

You do not need a lot of tools or woodworking experience to participate!  For a first time car, your son can simply shape the car with a file or sandpaper, paint it, and then carefully tap the wheels in with a hammer.  That’s it!

PinewoodKitYou should already have a Pinewood Derby kit distributed at an earlier pack meeting.  The kit contains a block of wood, four wheels and axles, and some stickers.  If you need an extra for a sibling, they are $3.99 at the local scout shop, and you can also find them at several local hobby shops.  The official BSA kit looks like this:

Plan on doing the work with your son at home over the course of a few days: cut the wood one day, sand it down another day, and paint it another day:

If you want to get really creative, check out some ideas from Boys’ Life:
Official rules will be posted shortly.

Advent Hike at Notre Dame

To begin the season of Advent, Pack 10 enjoyed a “holy hike” at the University of Notre Dame.  Fr. Doyle took us to a variety of historic sites, where we offered prayers and songs for the season, and then enjoyed treats and hot chocolate afterwards.  Please thank Mr. Clairmont for arranging the outing.


Webelos Rocket Launch

At a November den meeting, scouts in the Webelos den built model rockets by cutting, gluing, sanding, and painting Estes “Alpha” rocket kits.  Each one turned out a little different, but they all flew beautifully and all came back to ground intact!

Rockets Launch


Iron Horse Campout

Nearly 100 scouts and families joined the Iron Horse campout at Potato Creek State Park!  We enjoyed the outdoors all weekend long, including the Iron Horse hike, a giant kickball game, roasting marshmallow around the campfire, and even an outdoor mass on Saturday night.  Thanks to all of the leaders and parents who chipped in to make it happen, and see you again next year!


(Webelos den getting ready for the Iron Horse Hike)