2020 Calendar of Pack Activities

We have an exciting year planned for this year! Scouting is dependent on the outdoors, being active, and having fun.  All of our activities this year are designed to be socially-distanced, with the requirement of masks if Scouts are within 12 feet of each other.  We follow the guidelines of the Saint Pius X parish leadership, and will change our activities should the situation warrant it.  We are looking forward to making the most of our time together in the safest way possible.

Link to Calendar: Pack 10 Calendar 2020

Also, you can subscribe to our pack 10 Google Calendar to get the most up-to-date events.

First event: September 12th 10AM at Pinhook Park in South Bend.

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New to Pack 10?

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Adult Application – must be filled out by at least one adult in Lion & Tiger families

Youth Application – must be filled out for new Scouts

Medical Form: 680-001_AB – must be filled out for new Scouts

We can’t wait to meet your Scout and their family!

School Year 2020 – 2021

Pack 10 is chartered by the Saint Pius X Church community; therefore we follow their guidelines for meeting expectations.  Moving forward, Pack 10 is committed to continuing the scouting program in whatever format is outlined by the parish leadership.  The pack leadership is committed to maintaining a program that values safety, community, and fun.  Stay tuned for more details around the opening of the pack for the 2020-2021 school year!

Summer for Pack 10

Typically, the pack takes a break during the summer.  The LaSalle Council often offers summer camp options for Scouts of all ages.  Due to Covid, the Council offered a “Camp in a Box” option, and many of our Scouts participated in this at-home program.  It included many woodworking, first aid, crafts, and age-appropriate activities.

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Virtual Pack 10

Being home in quarantine hasn’t stopped Pack 10!  Our dens and pack met virtually consistently throughout the spring.  Members of our pack participated in:

  • the National Camp-In
  • our Pack 10 Camp-In
  • Virtual Pack meetings
  • Virtual Blue-Gold Meeting (see our private FB page for links to the pack slideshow!)

Through it all, our pack worked hard to accomplish advancement at all levels.  It was great to stay connected throughout this time, and we cannot wait for the day when we can be in person again together!!

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Pinewood Derby Rules

The goal of the Pinewood Derby is for scouts to have fun building a car while learning how to use basic tools under appropriate adult supervision.  Each scout should enter a car that they have constructed for this year’s race.  To ensure that race day is as fair as possible, all cars must obey the following rules:

  • The car may not weigh more than 5 ounces.
  • The car body must be 2.75 inches wide and 7 inches long.
  • Bottom clearance under the car must be 3/8 inch.
  • BSA brand wheels and axles must be used.  Only dry powder lubrication may be used.
  • The wheels and axles must be mounted in the standard pre-cut grooves, which are 4 and 3/8 inches apart.

Note that any BSA branded car kit already has the proper dimensions and wheels, so it is easy to follow the rules if you simply use the kit in the obvious way.  If you use a non-BSA branded kit, then be sure to check each of the measurements above, and buy a set of standard BSA wheels to use with the car.

All cars must be presented to the weigh-in judge for weighing before racing begins.  If a car does not meet the rules, the scout may modify the car and try again at any point before his den begins racing.  If a car breaks during a race (e.g. a wheel falls off) the owner will be given five minutes to repair the car, and the race attempted again.  Scouts will have the opportunity to race their cars three times, using different and randomized lanes of the track.

The decisions of the judges are final, and all scouts and parents are reminded that the judges are friendly volunteers whose goal is fun and fairness to all.

Holy Hike

A very special pack tradition is our annual Holy Hike through the chapels on Notre Dame campus. This year we visited the following locations:

  • Grotto
  • Coleman-Morse Chapel
  • Baumer Hall Chapel
  • Eck Visitor Center
  • Log Chapel

Along the way, we learned about the special features of each location, as well as their connection to the Virgin Mary – all aligned with the message of Christmas.  Together we sang carols and celebrated the coming of this special holiday.  Afterwards, we celebrated as a group with pizza and movies. It was a fun way to close out the 2019 scouting year, and we are looking forward to all the events coming up in the new year!

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First Responders

Thanks so much to the South Bend Fire Department for welcoming us into their fire station.  They took our pack on a tour of the kitchen, living areas, sleeping areas, and learning rooms.  The tour would not have been complete without a look at the fire engines and the fire pole!  Thank you for your service to our community, even as you received calls while we were touring.  We really appreciate your time to allow us to learn about these first responders and the work that they do.


Iron Horse 2019

Iron Horse 2019 featured campfire fun, den hikes, den activities, bounce houses, an outdoor Mass, and lots of time on the campground play set.  Our older Webelos learned how to build a fire, leaning on the expertise of some of the leaders and Boy Scouts in attendance.  It was a time for families to cook, eat, sing, and have fun with each other.  Hope to see everyone back again next year!

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Pack Bike Ride

The September pack bike ride was a huge success!  Scouts of all ages rode their bicycles all around the University of Notre Dame campus.  Before leaving, we discussed helmet safety, bike signals, and rules of the road.  We made a quick stop in front of the dome to take pictures before splitting off on a longer route for the older scouts, while the younger scouts finished their shorter route.  The weather was perfect for this event!  Thanks to all who helped plan and attended this event.