Pack 10 Welcomes Girls and Boys

Dear Pack 10 Families –

We would like to announce that Cub Scout Pack 10 will welcome both boys and girls in grades K-5 as uniformed members, starting in the fall of 2018. We are following the lead of the national BSA scouting organization, which is opening all of its programs to girls and boys. Pack 10 has always encouraged the whole family to participate, so this will not be a large change in how we currently operate.

How will den meetings work?
– Each den (small group) will be either an all-boy den or an all-girl den, so that boys and girls can have their own space and activities.

How will pack meetings work?
– Pack meetings and outings will involve all dens, both boys and girls, along with their den leaders and parents.

How will camping and overnight outings work?
– Camping and other overnight outings will continue to be organized
around families. When camping, youth will share a tent with their own parents and siblings, as we have always done.

How does this affect youth protection?
– The same basic policies continue to apply: Each scout activity must include two registered leaders, or one registered leader plus a parent. All registered leaders undergo training and background checks from both BSA and SPX. All parents are welcome and encouraged to participate or observe scouting activities.

How was this decision reached?
– We reached this decision after extensive discussion with Fr. Bill and the parish leadership after collecting perspectives from pack families, den leaders, and pack committee members.

Who can I contact with more questions?
– Contact Douglas Thain ( or Chip Mitros

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